The world we live in has evolved into a multiculturalist society which can be described as a place having existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a given jurisdiction. A jurisdiction is expanded by the amalgamation of different cultures and is caused by various other factors. This has promoted interdependence and cooperation among diverse groups thriving in our society. One cannot survive without the other. For instance, if we take a look at our social media forums we will see that through the exchange of ideas among different groups of people, specifically ethnic, we are able to express ourselves transparently.

In this state of interdependency we have eventually learnt the act of giving and taking. For the latter, no such special lessons were needed as there is a natural inclination towards ‘taking’. We have taken the shape of being the ultimate consumer in due course. The world offers plenty of opportunities, privileges and gifts and we gladly receive them regardless of the fact the giver is a human, system or nature herself. It is true that we do want to benefit in every way possible and suffer less. Therefore, this mentality has paved the way for the ultra- modern human to be the ultimate consumer exercising control over the universe. In the course an important fact slips from our mind that giving and taking is a two-way process.

It would be partly wrong on my part to say that we are only takers, though we keep this desire alive in our hearts. An enormous chunk of our population generously gives away with both hands. And I thank the Almighty for these people. Some are generous with their money, some with their time, some with energy, others their talents and gifts. A few are generous in the way they love and fewer lay out their lives for causes and people exhibiting the highest order of giving, termed as sacrifice.  After assessing all the aspects of the act of giving and our attitude towards it, a question seems to pop-up in my mind. I ask myself, “When we give, do we give our best?”, “Do we regret after giving away what we are supposed to give?”

There must have been times when after giving away something that was of immense value, a tinge of regret got created in our hearts. Time has the utmost value in our lives. Giving your time to something requires full attention and a heart that desires to achieve what you have decided for. This also involves giving your energy in every form so that you get what you have set your mind upon. What if after all this act of giving and investing your time, energy, attention and money you fail to achieve your goal? You are washed away with the wave of regret and begin to wish to undo every investiture of yours. Regret is something that one should not bask upon. The feeling of regret tears down the attitude to giving. It makes one re-think about their new investitures regarding a different mission. One simply backs out of the act of giving when regret hits in.

It is the very nature of humans to question their own act of giving whether it is money or something else. We don’t want to see our efforts wasted but life has its own predicaments. A way out of this situation can appear when you think that that was the best you could offer to give when it was required. A feeling that you have kept nothing back when you were in the act of giving can also divert you from regret. Life is all about second chances. The one thing that can stop you from regretting your act of giving is not expecting to receive something in return. Once you eliminate this expectation of receiving as you give, your attitude to giving will be transformed. Above all be content when you are in or after the act of giving.