This incident happened a month and half ago, that really forced me to think about attitude of giving –  Why do we give and what shall be given ?

We were in a meeting, when one of my colleagues walked in and announced that our lab technician’s mom met with an accident, had a brain injury and a huge sum is needed for her operation. Many of us donated what we can.  Few of us had been to the hospital; her condition was not very good. What happened the next day irritated me to the core.

A person who contributed only 100 Rupees(roughly 1.5 dollars), backed up his action of not being able to help saying that there is wedding of his cousin’s, came to office after spending his precious time at a parlor spending thousands of rupees. He was screaming out loud of how excited he is about the wedding while all of us were discussing about mom’s medical condition. Well, I don’t want him to be spoiling his joy but one can be more sensible.

There was no need for that person to give a reason the day before, as to why he couldn’t help, yet he did so, but why? Did he really have an intention to help? There were a couple of questions on my mind after this.

  1. Is parlor more important than saving someone’s life?
  2. If, supposedly, the same would have happened in the so called “leader-ship team”, he would have done his best to get an impression. (this happened earlier, not my speculation in anyway)

Sometimes people only help for creating false impression of being empathetic. Giving should always be done plentifully, liberally, and faithfully. It should never be carried out with a sinister design or out of respect of persons. Unfortunately, many today give out of a selfish motive, seeking to further their own influence or prosperity, many will not give unless they get some tangible gift in return. 

Believe it or not, your attitude toward giving can say a lot about you. It speaks volumes about the condition of your heart.  It determines what kind of an “eye” you have and how much you are willing do it on your own for the betterment of someone else, someone totally unrelated. Some people are born to serve, that comes naturally to them, but some are inspired by others like family, friends, community etc.

Giving should be voluntary and cheerful. It must be prompted by the heart and not by the head or human reasoning. We should not allow self-interests, pride, corrupt passions, stinginess, and greed to hinder the noble cause of giving. The fulfillment and joy of giving can make us complete. 

Why should we give ?  – It is highly satisfying to see the fruits of what we as humans can do, together we can, and we only can change this world.

What shall we give? – Anything ranging from food, shelter, service, a listening ear, time, money.. there are literally no limits or hard rules.

Attitude of giving is a life style. Don’t undermine the value of what you can do for others, even the smallest of acts can make a life turn around for better.

2 thoughts on “ATTITUDE OF GIVING

  1. Aastha this is a very well written article. The thoughts that you put it here in this write up reflects your heart. Thanks for the stir and fanning of the fire which usually sulks down.


  2. Thanks a lot Chiradeep !! This is still only a part of what I felt… Thanks to you for coming up with the topic where I had a chance to speak my heart out..



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