After a long flight of 23 hours, I fell asleep the moment, I rested my back on a comfortable bed at 8 am in the morning. In no time, my alarm clock sweetly woke me up, it was already 2 pm. I was feeling so sleepy, and was quite reluctant to get out of my bed but had to get ready and rush for a conference. 

On the second day, my Chief Technology Officer, walked up to me and handed over an entry pass. The pass read, “Get ready with your Texan boots ‘n’ hat to hit the dance floor tonight at 8.” Wow !! Really !? Am I dancing any less now, that I would also hit the dance floor ?? No way.. I am hardly able to keep myself awake, all the broken bones in my head were screaming, ” Get back to the hotel, and sleep darling! Experience the best nap of your life !!” Though I returned back to the hotel, I couldn’t sleep,  not even for a couple of hours in a day, all my duration of stay for 4 days.

Jet-lag causes extreme tiredness and fatigue when one travels across time zones. Some fun facts of my jet-lag 

  • I stopped counting on the mugs of coffee I was sipping. Any amount of stimulants didn’t help.
  • My watch, phone and laptop all are showing different time zones. I had no idea what I was following. I almost missed my return flight as I believed in my watch which was set to Indian Standard Time.. Lol !! 
  • I have mastered tossing and turning on the bed 
  • I was productive at odd times, running through my transcripts for next day and writing snippet for Candles, when I was supposed to be sleeping.
  • I was happily chatting with people who are on the other side of the globe. These people suggest that I should be sleeping, Huh !! May be I am aware of it, but just that I am not able to :p
  • All three days of conference – cans of coke, intermittent breaks, little walks , none of these helped me. 
  • I have yawned few tens of times a day,  on each and every day of the conference.

In no time 4 days passed by, it was time to return, my condition was no different after I landed back in India. I have been disrespecting the time I am getting to sleep for a few months now, and this short trip to the U.S was like an eye-opener.

We’re busy. We’re very busy. In order to fit in everything that we want to do, well, something’s got to be  given up. Sleep is the easiest thing to subtract a few hours from, to get extra time for work , research, read or play.

We would never say “I’m too busy to breathe”, ” I’m too busy to eat” or “I’d like to go to the bathroom today, but I’m just too darn busy.” Sleep is given the lowest possible priority in our lives.  

One reason that sleep is easy to ignore is that we don’t remember it. Our body needs to remind us. Its very important to have a pattern and a fixed time to sleep. Force yourself to the bed initially for a few days and your biological clock would remind you to sleep.

Tonight, when it’s getting close to bed time there will still be laundry to be done, or reports to be written, or a TV show to watch. But let them wait until tomorrow and look for the value of your own time spent sleeping.


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