Sleep talk is always fun for the person witnessing it. I remember talking in my sleep when I was small and had fever. I used shout, “Devil…devil is there…” I don’t know why I was delirious about devil…?

One of my aunties was saying that her nephew started talking once in his sleep saying, “fire fire fire…” She got up from sleep really scared looking here and there to see where the fire was. Then she realized that her nephew was dreaming and woke him up.

I had heard many talking in their sleep but they were not clear. Once I heard my sister counting, ‘1…2…3…’ That was really funny. I had shared about this with my brothers & sisters and we had a great laugh.

After my marriage I discovered my wife also speaks in her sleep almost every day.

Once she said, “mein ud ke jaoon?” That was in Hindi which means, ‘Should I fly away?’ And I immediately answered her in Hindi ‘han jao’ (yes you can). She turned to the other side and slept without waking up. Next morning I told her about that and she started rolling on the floor laughing.

When she joined a primary school, she was really busy and very stressed out both physically and mentally. One day while sleeping, suddenly she said something for which I woke up and saw her hand raised and coming towards me. And there, she hit me on my shoulder saying, “where is your copy?” Then she immediately woke up and started rubbing and massaging my shoulder saying, “sorry sorry I hit you…” When she finally realized what she did, we both started laughing loudly in the middle of the night.

Another time I was having a disturbed sleep. I got up for nature call and then I was just loitering near the bed when she started talking deliriously, “sit down” and I was so shocked thinking why she is scolding me at the middle of the night. But she slept again and slowly I lied down on the bed too and slept.

Whenever the topic comes up, she keeps asking me again and again about what she spoke. She even shares about her father who calls his friends or colleagues by their names during sleep and shouts at them. Those are all fun stuff.

Before I conclude on our bedroom humor, I just want to give very little information about sleep talking on a serious note. Sleep talking can be loud, small talks or long speeches, once or can occur many times during sleep. The listener may or may not be able to understand what the person is saying. The other name for sleep talking is ‘somniloquy.’

The Wikipedia describes it like this: “Somniloquy or sleep-talking is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud in one’s sleep.”

Sleep-talking usually occurs during transitory arousals from NREM sleep or it can also occur during REM sleep while dreaming a dream. The causes of Sleep talking are not completely known. Many times the cause of this sleep talking cannot be allied with any particular problem or disease. It is very commonly seen among many people. There is no such specific cure for sleep talking and it’s rarely counted as a disease. So let’s have fun talking in our sleeps but be careful, we may tell some secrets to our spouses that way…Lol. 😉

The above hilarious sleep talking stories bring us to the main subject matter of this week, ‘SLEEP,’ which we will be discussing throughout this week.  

The web definition of SLEEP is – “a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.”

Who doesn’t like to sleep? Raise your hands… Actually, nobody will raise their hands, because all of us love to sleep and sleep…

But do we know the benefits of Sleep???

After a good research on the matter of sleep I found out few benefits of good amount of sleep daily.

I thought of highlighting few important ones as under:

  1. Learning capacity increases as the people with good amount sleep learned well than the people who were awake for 30 hours without sleep.
  2. Accidents will be lesser for the drivers who have good sleeps every day. Drowsy drivers cause more accidents the study shows.
  3. You may be sick with type 2 diabetes, due to lack of enough sleep.
  4. Sleep helps to stay stress, depression free and helps to have a good mood all the time.
  5. Adolescents who sleep enough are less likely to abuse alcohol.
  6. There will be less headache when somebody gets sufficient amount of sleep daily.
  7. People with enough sleep daily are more productive at work and accomplishing assignments.
  8. We see well when we get sufficient amount of sleep daily.
  9. Sleep reduces different health hazards like cold, flu and even heart problems etc.
  10. Sufficient sleep a day helps the people to take good decisions.

God created mankind and asked them to rest on the seventh day of the week. The meaning and implication of that REST is probably different than just sleeping but sleeping is the major part of that word. Sleeping is of utmost importance in a human being’s daily routine. God created sleep to keep the mankind function well and take wiser decisions in life and live happy.

So friends! Allow your body to calm down and sleep well when you are supposed to sleep, away from all distractions.

Stay Blessed!!!