The week started with an appropriate Mega article by Dr. Anupam Dey, but during the week we failed to touch the areas pertaining to the week’s topic: ‘Grief Management.’  It seems,  we missed to understand the intensity and after effects of grief, clearly, which is most important for all of us,  before expressing our heart out as a snippet.

Grief and grieving are the natural responses to a major loss, such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, failure of a relationship, divorces etc. Loss can cause feelings of grief, sometimes when you least expect it. Grief is not just feeling sad, it can be excruciating and very painful. In some situations, normal grief can lead to a grief disorder, which can require professional help to overcome. But recognizing grief and being a support at the right moment is very essential. 

So many times we the people around a person, who’s a victim, need to be very sensitive towards that person and how he or she feels. I can give few examples where we may  become insensitive at times.

  • When we hear about somebody’s separation or divorce we immediately concentrate on what he or she would have done,  that they reached this stage, instead of how they feel right now.  
  • When we hear about somebody’s death due to liver problem we ask, “was he drinking?”
  • Sometimes when we meet a grieving person we try giving suggestions and advises which are useless at that point of time.
  • Sometimes we loose patience on the person who keep crying relentlessly. 
  • Sometimes we try to avoid the talk about grief or loss when the person concerned tries to talk or discuss about it.

The examples of our insensitivity are unending…

Few important tips for all, if we really want to help a person in Grief:

 – Stop judging the situation and the person in grief but acknowledge his/her loss right away….

– If possible show your tenderness and compassion by hugging softly, holding hands or touching tenderly…

– Be patient and listen without thinking of your precious time when a person in grief keeps on talking, crying and feeling restless…

– Don’t utter a word of suggestion or advise…

– Do everything that helps the victim, like preparing meal, washing and cleaning or buying few things for the person in grief…. Because grief paralyses and make life slow and stand still.  

Lastly, in case we fail to recognize the extent of pain in a person or realize that we are not fit for the work then better let’s not get involve in helping the grieving. Because if we attempt and fail to be sensitive then we might cause more harm.Seek professional help. We all need to remember that,  A Desiring & Compassionate Heart and  A Listening Ear can really be helpful for a person battling grief.

Stay Blessed!!!