If I have to be honest to you all then I want to confess that I am not in a mood to write. I was on a leave from Candles Online for last few days and it was really very difficult for me to get back to my writing again. But I had to sit down and write.

The very first and basic meaning of integrity is – “the quality of being honest.”

If I look at myself and think about how honest I am in real life… I found myself in a very perplexed condition.

I found that I am very honest and true about what I feel when it comes to my relationship. Sometimes I am utterly straight and keep my promises. If I say something to do for somebody in a relationship I fulfil that. And people really like that quality in me.

But I am bad in some other areas because of my procrastination and forgetfulness.

Integrity of heart demands seriousness and being responsible of what we feel. Unless I take responsibility of carrying out what I feel for somebody or for something then what’s the use of that integrity or honesty.

I found few quotes that support what I am trying to say. They are as under:

My work will let others know that I am honest and have integrity. I had failed in this many times. But I always strive to achieve that because I know, “integrity is the heart of my character.”


Once we loose our integrity it is difficult to get it back. And the above quote always reminds me of the people who doubt about my reliability when I say something to fulfill. I have to make them believe when I do it.

Again as I conclude I can say that integrity of heart demands the serious implementation of what I say and how responsible I am  in carrying it out.

Stay Blessed!!!