A young girl, may be aged 10, came along with her dad for a swim in our community pool. While she was enjoying herself in the waters, her dad went for a smoke. When he came back, the little girl asked him “Dad, mom did request you not to smoke anymore. Why don’t you listen to her?” Her dad replied back saying, “I must, you are right. Don’t tell this to your mama, she would be angry. I will try not to, from next time.”

Now, the little girl had a choice to make, whether or not to tell her mama. I was curious as to what she would do. She went ahead and told her mom what she witnessed. That lead her mom and dad into a fight. She stood in one corner staring at them.

I went to her and asked, “You do look upset … !?” She said “My mama, papa are fighting and I don’t like it. But, you know what, I am not the reason for their fight, my dad is. Mom always tells me to be honest with my self and I just did that.” She threw a smile at me and dived back into the pool.

That little girl knew nothing about what the adverse effects of smoking are, or how it might impact their future. All she knew was, his dad shouldn’t smoke and that’s her mom’s worry. She didn’t follow her dad’s wrong suggestion of lying. She was clear that she was not complaining but being true. Beautiful, an awesome thought. What best can be an example of her truthfulness?

Maintaining Integrity is very important in both personal and professional fronts.  Inter personal relationships are most successful when we maintain integrity and are honest.

All of us know how being integral makes life fulfilling, but how do we maintain integrity ?

Shakespeare said it the best way “to thine own self be true”

How many of us have the craving to eat something tasty(which is unhealthy) when we are ill ? I do, and there were times when I really went ahead and ate food that is not recommended. 

Knowing that I may not be able to make it for the party, I never used to admit it to the host until the last minute. Why? May be it would hurt. But, that is what happens, if not sooner, later.

Often, we make wrong or inappropriate choices in order to be nice or, not to hurt others, or not to be perceived mean amongst others, or the least to satisfy the beast within us.

When I can lie and fool myself, its relatively easy to do the same with others.. Isn’t it ?

Once we commit a deceitful act, the line between being moral and immoral , honest and dishonest hazes. Our own perception of ‘self’ shifts by a margin. We would continue to make compromises which may turn out to damage the course of our very own existence as human -beings. 

It all starts from within, when I am honest to myself, I can be honest to others, respect others, value them and their time.

Doing and saying what ever is right irrespective of the consequences,  being ethical and following our principles, making promises and keeping up-to them etc., all of these can be very hard. It’s not a one day thing, a continuous struggle. They might look humongous but can be simple to learn and takes discipline to maintain the rhythm. 

Small choices we make in our day-to-day lives form the basis and the habit. Once making the right choice and being honest becomes the integral part of our lives, we would eventually end up making right decisions even when they are big. As long as we make the right choices, we would never feel a need to justify our actions for our own-self.

Be true to who you are, never live by someone else’s ideas, never try to please others. Honor your value system and do what your common sense says is, right.