Often I have thought that in the event of an earthquake or a sudden calamity – natural or man-made, if I am to run out of my house what all would I be able to carry out with me…!!

Books (I am a book-lover)? ATM card? Voter Id card? PAN card? Gold and cash? Favourite clothes? Mobile phone? Laptop? Certificates and other documents? What would I be able to quickly carry along with me? What is so precious that I would want to quickly grab it with me while rushing out?

Well, when you see the roof above starting to crumble before you or the ground below slip from under you what can you think of but to run for your life? Can you think of anything or anybody else other than your own life? Most people would not.

The value of things / people are best estimated under critical circumstances!

The articles of this week must have aroused many thoughts in the minds of readers. I’m sure all must have spared at least a minute’s thought to ponder over the most prized possession of their lives.

People around us are indeed valuable. But, most of us do not consider people to be our prized possessions till we lose them. Let’s love people while they are with us and not simply shed tears over their graves.

Friends stick around when all others go their ways. They lend a hearing ear when needed and a supporting shoulder to lean on. Invaluable treasure is the companionship of a trustworthy friend. To love others around and to experience the love of others around is far more priceless than gold and silver, emeralds and rubies. Love and friendship are precious – those who have tasted them know their worth.

The wise king David says, “Children are a heritage from God…” How true! How sweet it is to hold a baby and savour the joys of parenthood! Yes, it involves hard work to raise children, but the delight of seeing one’s baby/ies before one’s eyes is matchless.

Life is a fleeting collection of memories. Every event of today becomes a memory for tomorrow. Some memories are sweet while some are sour. Nevertheless, memories do leave an indelible mark on the human mind. They are valuable! The day your child took his / her first steps, the day you were declared the topper of your school / college, the day your partner proposed you – all are priceless memories.

Life is a blessing from God. Every breath that we breathe is a valuable gift from the life-giver. What can substitute human life after all! Who can realize this stark truth other than the one who has escaped from the jaws of death! Life on earth is valuable – much more than any other gem or jewel. Our lives and the lives of others are precious. When I see and hear of mindless murders all around, I wonder why people cannot value the lives of others. How can they raise their hands to kill? Well, that’s a different issue altogether. But yes, let’s learn to value our lives and live to the fullest potential. Let’s treasure the lives of others around and treat them with dignity.

However more than our earthly lives, let’s yearn for the priceless treasures of heaven. The Scripture says –

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Let’s strive to store up treasures in heaven which would remain with us for eternity!









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