I can’t believe Khristina thought exactly what I was thinking about the prized possession, “Life.”

Who can understand the value of life than me who had gone down to the wire of death and got back to life again?

One of my closest of friends thinks that I should not remember the day when I was operated because it was a bad day of my life. But my answer to her was that it was the day when I got back my life again and how can I forget it.

I am sure everybody will agree to the fact that life is everybody’s prized possession. Nobody will ever have the wish to give up that possession at any cost. Everybody is selfish about it. They always try to make it better and better.

But have you ever thought about it what happens when we die? We all live for our body… we shout, scheme, plan and even kill to safeguard our body. Have we ever thought about our soul?

The Scripture makes us to think by posing a question for us:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Sometime I just pause and think about it… What is really going to happen when I will die? Where will my spirit go? Will I be able to feel anything? Does the life on earth determine the destination of my soul or I have some other ways?

As far as my knowledge is concerned I know that the complete dependence on God’s salvation plan and full faith on His actions are my guide to the destination of my soul.

If my soul is eternal, my life is eternal; I am an eternal being… Life or Soul that runs my body is my most prized possession for which I need to be selfish to keep it safe and secured eternally.

Are you thinking about it?

Keep pondering…

Stay blessed!!!   


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