Well, I am a new mommy of a 16 month old boy. And today he is the most precious being in my life. When we were planning to have a baby, I often used to wonder how the hell will I manage a baby with my busy schedule. I have a more than a full time job, multiple other hobbies/passions that I want to follow and there are just so many unfulfilled ambitions that are so dear to me. Amongst all of this – a baby; it felt like a mission impossible.

Once I conceived him, my world changed. He became the center of my life and everything else revolved around him – my hobbies/passions, my ambitions, my job etc. Surprisingly, I am much more active and achieve a lot more than what I could do before I had him. I did not know that I could work so much without getting tired and live on just 5 hours sleep almost every night. But it is possible and best part is that I am happy.

This feeling of motherhood felt familiar to me even though my son is my first child. It felt familiar because I am also pet parent – I have a female dog who is 4 years old. When she came into my life, I was going through one of the lowest lows and she got the much needed positivity and vibrancy in my life. Having her gave me the strength and courage to carry on and not give up on life.

My feelings for my son and my dog are not very different; of course, I respect the difference between raising a boy and raising a dog. I cannot allow my dog to sleep with me, I don’t have to worry about arranging finances for her education, I cannot feed her with my own hands, I cannot take her in malls and other hanging out places etc. But the very deep feeling of motherhood is same towards both of them.

They are most precious to me because they depend on me for their life. How they both grow up to be depends highly on how I manage to raise them. My most prized possessions make me live each day with a new enthusiasm.

I absolutely love my babies.