For the last two days I have been thinking hard about what shall be my post addressing this week’s topic.  Suddenly I remembered my school days and a story that I read when I was in class 10th came to my mind.  It was Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” and I found my prized possession- love and friendship.

The story I am talking about is about a very rich, miser and rude old man who on a Christmas eve happens to meet three angels of past, present and future in his dreams.  Each one of the angel takes him and shows his own life; his actions;  what his relatives, friends and employees think of him and how the news of his death was taken and funeral fared thereon.  In his past he left his lady-love to amass fortunes; in present he was distancing everyone just to protect his riches and in future his dead body was lying unattended and not even a single person was mouthing pleasant words for him.

Reading this story gave me one of the important moral of my life- rich or poor in actual sense is not determined by the amount of wealth one has but whether there is love in his/ her life or not;  Whether there are people who care and support in every phase of life.  It’s really important to have a pair of praying lips and helping hands in our life then just working hands in exchange of favours.  Earning money is not a difficult task as such as it is shown to be but earning valuable friends and loving family is of utmost importance.

A person might be having the most expensive quilt but what really matters are the hands that wrap that around in sickness.  

No matter how much bogged down we may be in life but words uttered with love and those warm pats on back make us bounce back rejuvenated.  And in absence of such loving atmosphere no amount of success can give us happiness.

I am sure there are such wonderful people in all of our lives whose love, care and friendship matters to us.  We shall never let them go- not for money, not for ego and not for anything.  After all love and friendship are prized possessions.


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