God brings few people into our life, who truly love us and we also love them like that. Among few such kind of people in my life are my Uncle Susanta and Aunty Asangla. We came to know each other more closely after August’ 2014. I am not their family member but the love, care and teachings both of them have shown on me is truly a great blessing, in other words “a great treasure” for me! I feel blessed to have such kind of loving people in my life.

Even though I stay alone in Kolkata away from my family, every morning when I meet this old couple and few other guys of National Fellowship family, all my loneliness goes away. I feel like my family and people like “my father and mother” are with me. Even though God has kept me in such loving and caring environment but till last February there was very silly and crazy question going on in my mind, which I believe most of you have also faced sometime in your life. That is – “Why these people love me so much?”; especially when it comes about Uncle.

God gave me this answer through one of my mistake. Last February while organizing a special program I did a mistake that my uncle noticed. He immediately scolded me and started counseling. During his counseling he quotes a line which was the direct answer to my question. Uncle said, “I love you because you are a ‘PEOPLE–CENTERED’ person. This small line still acts like a Power-booster in my way of working.

In my 27 years of life, I have been rejected by many people. There was a day I felt I am a scum in this world. For me, worth is death than to live. But when God changed my heart and made me a new Avinash, I started loving people. For me relationship matters! I believe in one thing that, every human being is our relative. You might question – HOW? My answer is, you are created by God and the person standing next to you in your office, in your bus, in your cafeteria is also created by God. The person might not be your family member; might not be your blood relation; might not be your friend but still he is your relative because our Creator is ONE. Loving every person on earth irrespective of caste, creed, color, language  etc is our responsibility.

When we love people they may not love us in return. The definition of love is not “Love me then I will love you”, rather it is “You may love me or not, still I love you”. So, continue to keep loving and caring.

There might be uncountable Prized Possessions in this world. But trust me when it comes to PEOPLE’s Heart rest becomes else! God has given us one life not to live it for our own sake but to burn like a Candle everyday in order to lighten someone’s darkness. TOUCH A SOUL EVERYDAY for GOD………………

“Love PEOPLE, Carry your Candle of LOVE & lighten their darkness”

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