As I was about to start writing this article, I received a call that my paternal uncle passed away this afternoon. I didn’t have a chance to see him for the last time. He is already cremated as suggested by doctors. I could not control my tears when I glanced at the puppy dog toy he gifted me. 

My uncle was very much fond of dogs. They had 5 dogs in their home. When I was 13,  I had been there for a summer vacation. I was very afraid of dogs. Literally, so scared that I would never even think of a dog. He took my hand into his and said  “Dear, I want you to meet the newer addition to our family, Bullet. He is very loving and would be glad to meet you. Would you come with me?” Though my heart beat picked up, I followed him to the room where dogs are kept.  

After seeing him I knew why his name is Bullet. He was 4 feet tall, jet black, looking very big. I was instantly sweating. Bullet came running to me wagging his tail,  I hid myself behind my uncle… Bullet made three rounds around us and sat beside me. My uncle made me pat his back and then bullet grew seamlessly friendly with me. That was my first close encounter with a dog.  

My heart is taking me back to so many memories… If I continue to write, I would end up writing a lot. I can no more talk with my uncle, but I have tons of memories that I can recollect anytime. Memories, which can never be stolen or erased…

Even before starting this article, I gave a lot of thought as to what my prized possessions are. There are a lot of things that I am very attached to, mostly of my close friends and family –  some books, picture frames, signed greeting cards, antique collection of my grandfather. Those objects remind me of them at times. But, if you ask me,  if I need those articles to be reminded of them? Absolutely not. Possessions may come and go, but often the emotional attachment associated with them remains eternal.

Memories, memories, memories.. Memories are my prized possessions.

When I travel away from my family and friends or when I am alone, I take a stroll through the memory lane. I re-read many mails, browse through pictures. If someone were to offer me all the money in the world in exchange for my memories, I would decline it in an instant.

We are blessed to be living in this era, where technology has made it possible to store our memories with a single click.Smart phones, laptops enable us to store memories in digital form. It’s also easy to take our memories along with us when we move to a different city or country…

Our memories are like diamonds in the rough. They keep us moving in tough times. We brought nothing when we are born and would take nothing when we leave this world, all we have are the experiences. Instead of focusing on material pleasures, if we make emotional bonding with people around us, we would  make a lot of memories. To feel happy and fulfilled, we need to make the best out of our life, which is a one time gift.

Memories are priceless treasures. Let’s try to make every moment of life a memory. 



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