“Reinventing self” – is truly great and most important idea, which every human being should know & it’s a continual process. To make our discussion more contextual & precise let me take you through a story;

Once there was a stone lying beside a street. Everyday people use to throw garbage on it & many of the passer-by urinated on that. The stone was feeling rejected & unworthy. He always used to question God, “Why have you made me like this?”. But in a beautiful moonlight evening a Sculptor passed through the same street,  he noticed the tone,  took the stone to his workshop, cleaned it and from the next day he started working on the stone. He chiseled the stone with hammer & iron rod for many days. This process of chiseling was too painful for both the Stone & the Sculptor. Both of their bodies were wounded. But both of them didn’t give-up, they both cooperated with each other till they accomplished purpose of their work. Finally the stone was shaped into face of Mahatma Gandhi (the father of our nation). After 2 months , the same stone was sold to a Big business man @ Rs. 30,000/- & was used as decoration in his personal chamber.

I trust this story implies to all of us who has ‘Reinvented Themselves’ & also to them who are willing to ‘Reinvent Self’. In our personal life we are like that stone in the hands of our God – our Sculptor. Our faulty life & the sins we commit, always desert us like this. Naturally, we blame others for our deserted life. But let’s ask this question to our self – WHY ARE WE BEING DESERTED? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?

Every human being is created in the image of God with His purpose to reflect the exact proportion of His’ glorious character. So that we can live in peace & love with every human being we see & interact. But we know this is not how we live. We don’t have peace with others because we don’t have peace within us. Now a days, we pretend to love people & the result is – “Pseudo Relationship/s”.

In my opinion Reinventing of Self is possible only through THREE things: 

  1. In the hands of Sculptor  The eternal truth – either by nature or by deed is,  we all are sinners & we need a Savior. No human law can save us & reinvent us except God. Because in the court of law every human created laws can be re-defined on the basis of human knowledge. So, following the laws of human being will lead us to the violation of some other law rather than reinventing self. The best way to reinvent our self is to surrender in the hands of our sculptor , admitting our sinful life & acknowledging His power to remould & reshape us as He is the One who created us in His image with an eternal purpose.
  2. Leaving our ComfortsDays back during my counseling one of my friend texted me – “Why should I leave my comfort zone for another person’s sake?”, which is also the question we tend to ask. But just think if the stone would have denied leaving his comforts & have not underwent a painful chiseling process, can he become a statue? So, when we are in the hands of God (our Sculptor) we have to leave our comforts (pseudo relationships/s; worldly pleasures & our own ideas), then only our life can be reinvented.
  3. Meeting the PurposeWhen God created us in His image, He had a purpose for our life. But our own ideas, knowledge & will power has deviated us from that purpose. When we realize & returns to God’s hand, God does His utmost best to cleanse us from our sin & shapes our life in & through painful chiseling process & the purpose of His work is to meet us with the purpose for which He created us. And then only like that Stone turning to Statue, our life turns to our life’s purpose & the value of our life will be doubled.

Stay Tuned to God!