Hi Everyone,

This is my first write up as a member of candles online team.  Hope I can reach high bars of standard set by my friends who are already a part of this forum and everyone likes my work.  Here I begin:

“Wow new haircut! You look beautiful”, “I have decided to change my wardrobe completely, I need a makeover”, ” have you seen recent pictures of Miss.X, what a change, she has completely revamped her style”…. Such statements we come across very often.  “Change”, “makeover” here is about appearance or what meets eye.  Then what about makeover of inner”self”, what about reinventing of one’s self, how to go about the process of reinvention are few questions to name.  But the most important question that needs to be addressed first is “what is reinventing self?”.  Its one’s search for the reason of its existence in this universe, what role it is supposed to play in this cosmos.  Am I sounding too serious?  I am definitely not a kind of person who can give complex spiritual speeches using even more complex language.  And by the word “search” I am not referring to the kind of search Buddha did, its something not everyone can attain but its ultimate, which liberates one’s Atma (soul) and connects it with the Paramatma (God).  Every iota of this universe finally merges into that divine power so it’s the final destination of every soul.  OK let’s not get into the concepts of Bhagvad Gita (Indian religious book), though I would love to but not now.

The kind of search I am talking about is more human to start with.  Its search about happiness, it’s about answering the simple question “what would make me happy?” Any particular job, any project, any cause, any responsibility and so on that brings out the best in me and gives me the satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment.

So how does this process of reinvention commence?  Any force that ignites or instigates this thought?  Is it outside force or within us?  I have a different view concerning this issue.  A negative banter, a post on social media, healthy teasing by friends, positive talk by partner and the list goes on, almost anything can make us question ourselves and begin our journey towards our goal of “happiness”.  Why I am emphasizing on the word “happiness”?  Am I too selfish and defining selfish motives when I utter word like happy and happiness.  I may sound like but actually I am not.  Until and unless a person is happy from within he or she cannot spread happiness around which comes in form of a bright smile coupled with positive thoughts.  Therefore pursuing happiness can never be a selfish motive.

So what’s the process:

  1. First be sure of your own value, nothing and no one can diminish or destroy your value.
  2. It’s absolutely fine if you can’t please everyone.  People tend to complain even about God, we are no one.  So just quit the fear of upsetting people.
  3. Love yourself.  If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others.
  4. Happiness can never be measured in monetary terms.  I know this statement is clichéd but true nevertheless.  For example you always wanted to be a teacher but working as CEO of some XYZ company just because of circumstantial reasons.  You might be having a palatial building, six digit monthly salary, a big  luxurious car but trust me the happiness you derive while explaining lessons to your kids is invaluable.

If we remember the above mentioned rules we are well on the way to reinvent our”self”.