As I was sitting here thinking about what to write, my cousin found some old photo albums and we began going through them. As we laughed and looked at the pictures, I realized something…we are Always reinventing ourselves if you Really think about it. We go from being a daughter or son, to a sibling and, as time goes on, we become young adults. We are constantly changing or reinventing ourselves to fit in with that moment in time. I became an adult, taking on a job, paying my rent and bills.

Then the day came that I became a wife! Now here I was in a lifetime partnership with another human being that was not blood related and once more, changes or reinvention is needed. It was not easy to be sure but somehow we muddled through. Then we became PARENTS. I think that was one of the most wonderful and scariest things of all. And we had to reinvent ourselves yet again.

To me, we are always reinventing ourselves as we grow older. Some are through our own choices and others are thrust upon us unexpectedly. When that happens, you have two choices…go with the flow and become an even better person or stay stuck in your rut and be unhappy. I have had to reinvent myself due to circumstances beyond my control with my mother becoming ill and needing care herself now along with my father. It has not been easy and I have cried many tears but I know that at the end of it all, I will be a stronger and hopefully better person and be a role model to my own daughters.


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