It has taken me a long time to get here, a very long time indeed, 8 years and still going …

I have feeling of missing something, I am unhappy. Good job, loving family,  friends.. Then what is daunting me??  I need to find out what would make my life better.

That was the time when I was in constant quest and this needed to be addressed, But, the million dollar question was “What am I searching for ?”…

Being an engineer, the term “reverse engineering” came to my mind – If I have to figure out what is missing, may be I should first know, a few years from now, what is that I would regret not doing ?

Quickly, I made a list of all those small and big things I want to do. The list was neither small nor huge. Then I started to categorize these and finally arrived at a priority order.

There is a catch, your priority order may not match with resources you may find to fulfill those dreams. So, its an art of beautifully placing your dreams into those groves that work with time or resource availability.

Surprisingly,  a few days after I made this revelation, I started to find ways to fulfill my dreams or rather I would say the ways became more apparent, because I knew I had to do something based on their availability. Then, there was no stopping. I went ahead and cherished doing each one of those activities, I longed to do.

It’s been a few years I did this exercise, I am quite happy and glad to say that I have ticked nearly 70% of my initial list. The list keeps changing –  additions, omissions and modifications are very much allowed.

I slowly started to see a positive change in me.I was successfully able to change course of certain paths of my life.  I am more happy and those positive vibes are helping me take better decisions and making my life a celebration.

Oh Boy!  Did I say celebration ? Yes, indeed life now seems a celebration..

From childhood majority of us were given some tags… Intelligent, introvert, smart, computer nerd, social animal, book worm and so on.
Sounds familiar ?

Many of us don’t really look beyond what society or family or friends perceive us as. Their expectations more or less made us what we are, mainly because we have been ignorant about what we really want to be. This may have also happened because of our own unwillingness to try something new. We rarely feel the need to bring a change…

Everyone has a routine, good or bad. It’s in our nature, to spend all our energy primarily on our today’s immediate concerns. After a few years, suddenly it may so happen that we don’t like our life. It is as if,  LIFE IS ON AUTO-PILOT.

“Reinventing Self” –  It does sound like a significant amount of change that we may want to bring into our lives. But, in reality that may not be completely true. It can be as simple as trying a new hair cut or changing your wardrobe to adapt to a new style or growing a mustache.

We need not have to dwell and figure out what our passions are to start with. Let’s do it in baby steps and take it easy even if we  fail to maintain the rhythm.

  • Fitness freak  – Start walking your dog instead of hitting the gym.
  • An introvert – Start talking to people openly, if not directly, use social media.
  • Computer nerd – Plan for a surprise vacation using your friend, the computer.
  • Unromantic – Take a day off to be with your significant other at home, spend quality time and tell them how important they are in some way.

These are just a few examples. We may not like doing the same thing for longer duration. Be innovative and find new ways.

Breaking the routine is the key to re-invention of self.

On the contrary, if you want to make a big change in your life, like shifting to a new career option, or quitting your job for higher studies, starting a new business, bringing a behavioral change in self, that’s possible too. Be brutally honest with yourself to figure out what you want to achieve and what are your steps would be to achieve your dreams .

Discipline and dedication can do wonders.


Author’s Bio: Aastha, a young, agile & talented techie who has an immense passion in writing. She writes from her heart and is a person who loves to connect with people through her write ups. Her disciplined and organised lifestyle have made it possible for her to write articles in her busy schedules. She can be contacted and visited at her blog: PenningEnigma