I do not understand suicides – I don’t understand how can somebody be so out of hope, how can somebody have no support system at all, how can somebody think of ending this gift of life.

I and my family have gone through this excruciating pain of losing somebody very close to this demon named Suicide and I know that pain and the feeling of guilt is unbearable. The feeling that why we couldn’t be there for him and how did we fail him so bad – kills us every single day.

It is usually said that when a person dies – s/he doesn’t die alone, s/he takes away a part of life of his/her loved ones too. This is very true. Losing a loved one kills a part of you.

All of us go through stress from time to time. That stress is sometimes just minor and at times major depression or frustration. All of us are equipped with resources to deal with this stress. When stress outgrows the resources, hope dies. And when hope dies – suicide is the only option. These resources are everything that gives person happiness – family, friends, hobbies, etc.

This entire week we spoke about this difficult topic. Our writers shared the experiences from their own lives where somebody close to them went through these traumatic suicidal tendencies. Chiradeep explained in quite a detail in the mega article what suicidal tendencies are that we need to keep a watch out for. Although this is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common symptoms that appear when somebody goes through this.

Spend that little time with your loved ones. Make sure you understand them. Be empathetic. No job, no amount of earned money, no meetings, no promotions or hikes are more important than a life of your loved one.  Don’t delay that call from somebody who is desperate for your help. Don’t hang up on somebody you feel needs you at that moment. That somebody could be going through that one weak moment and you could be the person who saves a life.

If you know of an acquaintance or a friend or a family member who has suicidal tendencies and you think you cannot deal with it – take professional help. There are numerous NGO’s working in this area and they can help you. There is also a helpline number available in most countries to deal with somebody who has such issues.

India helpline number is – 022 27546669. Save this number now and use it when you know somebody needs it.

Remember, it takes a lot to give birth to a life and bring that life up in this world. It is not worth wasting it.


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