I have heard some people saying, “I feel like committing suicide.” Even sometimes I had utter words like that, “Ufff… I really don’t want to live anymore…” And usually we think that whoever says like this will never do it in reality. But it is a wrong thinking. The statistics reveal that the people who have committed suicide had talked about it before committing it.

We should be then careful about this thinking and shouldn’t take it for granted.

Sometimes I have seen and heard people saying that, “We had no clue or haven’t seen any signs before her/his death.” That’s actually not true. Because there will be definitely signs or tendencies visible in a person who commits suicide.

We just need to be alert about it. That’s possible if we really care about our loved ones and attached to them.

Sometimes we think that people who are weak and could not tolerate the pain and suffering they commit suicide. But the fact is when the situation for them becomes intolerable they think of quitting. Who doesn’t want to live? It is very rare that a drunkard committed suicide. I have seen higher ranked government officials who used to be very strong in their personality had committed suicide.  

Let’s stop assessing people and what they go through because of our preconceptions about suicide.

Sometimes we might think that people who are suicidal doesn’t want to live anymore. They don’t understand the value of life. Actually most of them want to live but because of the pain they go through and for some chemical imbalances in the brain they commit suicide.

We need to realize considering our own feelings that everybody wants to live but nobody wants to be in pain.

There’s also a thinking that people who are suicidal doesn’t seek any help and they try to drag themselves to some kind of solitude before they attempt. The truth is usually they seek help but lose hope when they don’t see empathy around them.

We really need to be watchful around and within our friend or family circle to extend help as my co-author Aastha expressed her heart yesterday in her write up saying: This taught me the biggest lesson of my life, to be able to be there for a loved one, any time they need me, literally ANYTIME.”  

Are we ready to work on these facts and ready to EMPATHIZE ANYTIME?

Keep thinking and keep reading…

Stay Blessed!!!