He walked into my room almost two years ago – confused, frustrated, depressed and determined to give up. He was in the Ninth grade – all of 14 years. He was a good student – well organized and strategic in whatever he did. And so, he had planned to end his life on the 14th of November which is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. What better day to do the liberating act!”, he said.

I had never interacted with him on a personal level. But, I knew him as a brilliant student with a lot of talents who participated in many competitions and won many prizes. His teachers knew him as a sweet talented boy.

What nobody knew was his inner struggles. Behind the awards and talents, lay hidden a youngster with a lot of heartache. It just happened that one of his teachers noticed him to be gloomy which he is usually not and started enquiring of him which ultimately led to the revelation that he had planned to commit suicide. With alarm bells ringing aloud in her ears, the teacher alerted the authorities. The authorities in turn sent me an SOS and so walked this boy into my room just four days before he was to end his life.

With a fervent plea to the Almighty to guide my words, I started conversing with him. So determined was he to take his own life, which nothing seemed to make sense to him at all. He didn’t want great examples to be quoted. He didn’t want to be told that suicide is self-murder. He didn’t want to be shown any hope for his situation. He didn’t want to be told of people who had overcome greater struggles in life. He was simply determined to put an end to his misery and escape into a world of peace and no-misery.

Committing each word that I spoke into God’s hands and earnestly seeking His intervention, I went on conversing with him. Finally, the breakthrough came after two grilling hours. There shone a faint ray of hope! And I desperately capitalized on it. It’s tough to break the determination of a strong-willed teenager! But, with God’s help it was possible!

Today he is very much alive and doing his Eleventh grade – aiming to be a doctor! His struggles aren’t over. But, he now knows for sure that suicide is not the solution to life’s problems. He has decided to fight and not flee!