In life, we often feel low, desperate, unloved, guilty or poorly treated by others. We might be facing a failure or feeling lost in the race of life. Several illusive voices might be saying that suicide is the best way out. Do we think committing suicide solves the problem or relieves us from the pain associated with the problem? Majority of us do. For some people, suicide may be a way of getting back at others, or showing them how much pain they’re in.

Suicide is usually that MOMENT’s act, when we think we cannot handle the pressure anymore or we think, there are more problems than solutions. The problem might even has been created by us which makes us feel miserable that we are responsible for the pain other people related to the problem are going through. We may sometimes end up blaming ourselves for something we are not even responsible for. Self blame is one of the biggest reasons why we end up in such situations.  This may lead to severe depression and we end up thinking that the problem is un-fixable. Having an unstable mind doesn’t let us see things around us clearly

A site called Medical News Today describes:

“Suicidal thoughts, also known as suicidal ideation, are thoughts about how to kill oneself, which can range from a detailed plan to a fleeting consideration and does not include the final act of killing oneself.” 

It further explains, 

“The majority of people who experience suicidal ideation do not carry it through. Some may, however, make suicide attempts. Some suicidal ideations can be deliberately planned to fail or be discovered, while others might be carefully planned to succeed.”

All human beings at one point or the other, go through suicidal thoughts. When I go through such a thought I do this…

I recollect the saddest moment I had been through before this. How do I feel about it now? Definitely, not the same amount of pain I experienced earlier. Why? Probably I found a way to deal with the problem or I solved it altogether. So, I have a fair chance that I may be able to come out of this situation. Many times, we end up seeing the problem and its effects through a magnifying glass, this adds up more pressure to an already strenuous situation.

If we hold our-self back for that very moment and give it a thought, then dealing with it becomes easy. It is very important that we talk about the problem with someone. They may have a fresh view about the problem and may lead us in the right direction. We should never be ashamed of sharing with our friends or relatives that we are going through such thoughts. Yes, suicidal thoughts are negative and that is why we need support to fight through them.

Life is beautiful. 

Don’t pull your self back from what life has to offer.