In today’s world, discrimination seems unavoidable. We see it all around us and face it at times. Whatever the discrimination might be,  this insane gesture of ours is not only effecting the person facing it, but also people related to him/her.

As I was given the opportunity to write the concluding note on this week’s topic: “Why Discrimination?” I would like to share few things from my own experiences. 

During a session with parents of disabled children at a renowned Mental Health Institute in Bangalore, I came across facts that were very disturbing. All the children of these parents have neural disorders, due to which the kids cannot communicate with other people normally, brain development deteriorates as they grow.

One parent, a lady said after her son was born, her husband deserted her. Her family treated her no different. She was denied accommodation at several rented places because of her son’s condition. She slept under trees for many days.

Another couple, said they belonged to a high society family. Even after having people who are well educated in their family, they were treated no different. They were not invited to any family functions. None of their family members visit their home.

One more couple said that, if their daughter approaches anyone nearby, they move away from her. She is not suffering with any contagious disease. It really hurts us, when we see that our child is not accepted by anyone.

The group of parents support each other financially, mentally and socially. But, did that solve the problem ?, may be , yes to some extent. Is there a need for those innocent small kids to be discriminated? On what basis do we discriminate? Any perceived behavior or appearance that is different from us, in fact “ME”, is subject to discrimination.  How is this  act of discriminating so deep rooted? Are we brought up to discriminate?

After reading Prabhjot’s article, I want to pen my learning around how house maids are treated at my home. Both my parents were working, which meant my primary care giver is a nanny.  I recollected how my parents treated her. She was just like our family member. I was encouraged to play with her kids, eat along with them. I remember taking blessings from my nanny for every birthday of mine. She cooks, cleans, washes our clothes and guess what , seems I enjoyed doing all these along with her. When I met her a couple of years ago, she shared all the funny things I used to do as a kid. She also told that after we moved to a different city, she was never treated the same way as we treated her. It moved me completely. By this, my parents have taught me that all of us are same.

From childhood, if parents or care givers tell kids , things that make them see people in a different light, they will grow up with that idea, and it may be difficult to correct when they are adults. Parents must set good examples in their attitude, words and behaviors.It is very important that you realize that the world is a very big place. People do things differently and are brought up differently. That means what you think is cool may not be so for another person, because of where they come from. Being different is a good thing. Can you imagine, how the world would be if every human was just like you?

Finally, concluding on this subject I want to encourage by saying that the world we live in is getting smaller as we get to travel around the world in just a few hours. We meet people of various backgrounds, races, cultures. Let us learn to appreciate diversity and respect people who are different in any way. People may be disabled, transgender, dark-skin or have a different hair color. No one chose to be that way.

One MUST learn to respect others, just as he/she would like others to respect them for who they are…

Author’s Bio: Aastha, a young, agile & talented techie who has an immense passion in writing. She writes from her heart and is a person who loves to connect with people through her write ups. Her disciplined and organised lifestyle have made it possible for her to write articles in her busy schedules. She can be contacted and visited at her blog: PenningEnigma