A lot has been written and discussed on this topic. There have debates, articles, fights, breakups, divorces, personal comments – all in the name of “Feminism”. So, I want to take an opportunity to put my view forward on this topic.

I think all of us will agree that there is something called “Male privilege” that exists in our society and so does “Female privilege”. There are million examples available for both the privileges on internet and I do now want to repeat them here. However there is one thing that I want to stress is that there are people in both the genders who use these privileges wisely but there are a lot many who misuse it.

Unfortunately, the numbers of people who misuse these privileges are a lot many and these people do not get the punishment that they deserve (at least in India).

Men have the freedom to roam around at night because they are safer in our society but there are men who use this freedom to actually harass any women who are out late at night. Women have freedom to “not earn” or pay on a date, but there are women who are gold diggers.

Feminism is the most misused word in today’s world and it worries me a lot because I am not sure what kind of education we are giving to our little girls who are growing up in a world where “being a feminist is cool”.

It is all about equality of genders. I would love my son to grow up in a world where house-husbands are not looked down upon and women can freely hang around at any time of the day or night. It should be a world where people are hired and paid as per their talent and not as per their gender. It should be a world where men are not made fun for showing their emotions and women are not considered weak and vulnerable. It should be a world where men and women are treated as partners – in homes, in organizations and in governments.

I would urge every reader to start creating equality from your personal life. I would like to share an example from my life. I use public buses to travel to and from work and quite often the buses are too crowded and many of us have to stand and travel. There are always some seats reserved for women which are at times occupied by men. I never ask a man to get up for me (just because there is a seat reserved for my gender); I might never know what kind of physically exhaustive day that man had. However when I was pregnant – I never witnessed a day where a man or a woman did not vacate his/her seat to support me in a crowded bus. This is just one of the very small examples where we all can exhibit out belief in equality of genders.