In the last few days we’ve been talking about discrimination. In the last article it was mentioned on how we can “uproot it.”

For my husband and I, we decided to educate ourselves by learning about other religions and cultures. THAT is the root of discrimination…the lack of knowledge about our fellow human beings and how they believe and live. We are both still learning but with the knowledge we have gained from reading and talking with others, we became much more accepting of others. We instilled these ideals into our two daughters as they grew up. As a result, my husband and I became “parents” to many of their friends who were from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity. 

Both are now grown and on their own and I see that they do their best to live by the ideals we taught them. But lets face it…there will always be some form of discrimination no matter how hard we try to change that. All we can do is teach the next generation and hopefully they will teach the generation after that.

I know that I will probably not see an end to discrimination in my lifetime but I am hoping that by the time my great, great, grandchildren are born, it will be into a world full of love, acceptance and peace.