One day on my commute to work, I met Geetha, a transgender. She changed several schools, was not accepted by her family, never had friends, rejected by the society, was denied admission to college and now she is struggling to make a living. Guess, what she persuaded as a career ? A blind school teacher. We ended up talking for about an hour on various topics. As my destination was approaching, I asked her, if she takes the same route everyday ?.She replied that she doesn’t prefer public transport. I took a leave from her and went ahead with my routine. Over lunch, one of my colleague, who apparently took the same bus asked me, “How was the conversation ?” with a wink. I replied saying, it was nice. “I felt the need for having a reserved seating space for them. What do you say ?” said she. I smiled and left the place. My colleague’s statement is not completely wrong, they do deserve a space, but in our hearts. My inner voice was telling me, “This is why Geetha chose blind school. We are blindfolded not to accept her and those kids cannot arrive at perceptions based on appearance”.

All of us know that transgenders face discrimination at educational institutions, workplaces, police stations, hospitals, may be , everywhere.  We don’t see them in theaters, restaurants, parks, any public recreational places to be precise. They are unwilling to travel along with us. All they want to do is live their lives in peace and harmony.Because of fear of discrimination, they can no longer do so. We stole normalcy from their living.  In fact , reality is that transgenders have no idea how it feels to live a fearless life. Fear is not a simple mental state. Fear causes anxiety,  can have adverse affects on our lives and alter the decision making process.

Don’t we have the fear of being discriminated ? Let’s be honest, we do. All of us faced discrimination at one point or the other. Age, sex, social status, caste, race, class, physical disability … Then, why is it so difficult for us to let go of discrimination? Is it very difficult to love people around us without seeing ‘differences’ as  discrimination?


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