Throughout the week, I have gone through the write ups. All of them are very beautiful and explanatory as they are based on life experiences. I truly appreciate all the writers for giving their utmost effort and justifying the topic: Culture and Mannerism. But, in all the snippets, I found one thing they had in common…all had been through some shameful experience of “offending and being offended” due to cultural diversities.

In the past 6 years of being a holistic worker, I have crisscrossed through 3 major states of India: Odisha, West Bengal and A.P. There have been many incidents in my life of “offending another’s culture and being offended in my own culture by someone else.”

Our country, India, is known globally for two major things: Unity in Diversities and the 5000 years of rich heritage and culture. It is very obvious to see the cultural differences between the people. In my country of India, everyday you can see people of diverse Religion, Caste, Culture, and even Language. What is truly incredible is that all of these people can be found within a 200 meter radius of each other!

In each of these cultures, a man from a different part of the country is humiliated or ill treated because of the differences between him and the ones he may be visiting. This proves highly embarrassing. We showcase ourselves as a component of the GLOBALIZATION concept and a member of a Global Community. But, alas, we don’t try to come out of our comfort zone and make our guests feel that they are welcome.

The Scriptures have two great commandments: “Love the Lord your God, with all our heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your Neighbor as yourself.” The second of these two greatest commandments shows us the gateway to the globalization concept.

We always concentrate on the idea of the “neighbor” being the man who lives adjacent to me but in actuality it is everyone I meet. In a global family, no one is a foreigner, we are all one family. We also know that the foundation of Family is LOVE. Our concept or ideology of a Global family needs to be upgraded and set firmly on a foundation of LOVE. For where there is LOVE, there is no hatred, no boastfulness, jealousy, anger, or evil.

When we renew our minds and start loving the people next to us, there will be no such thing as a “foreigner”. We will not see their physical color, language or culture. Rather we will see them as our siblings whose thought processes and lifestyles are different from ours but will be accepted and respected.

If we love on another as God commanded, I can bet there will be no one stamped as a “Foreigner” and our Culture will not be offended nor would we offend our brother’s. Rather we will say, “Brother, let us grow together. You are a little different but better than me!”

What do you think my global family? Shall we renew our mind to love and grow?

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