I met my co-author and friend Sulagna on a Writers Community Online not less than 7 years ago. And we became very good friends afterwards as we kept commenting and appreciating each other’s articles which we had written for the same community.

As the days passed by I invited her for writing articles for Candles too. That time Candles was in the printed form. She wrote for ‘Candles’ a couple of times times consecutively and our closeness grew. She used to call me by my name, “Chiradeep.” But when she came to know that I am quite older to her as we added each other on facebook, she immediately started calling me “Chiradeep Dada.” In Bengali culture an elder brother is addressed as ‘Dada’ as a sign of respect.

The Bengali culture has a set of manners which they are so accustomed to from childhood that she immediately changed her way of addressing. She even called my wife as “Didi” (Elder Sister). Truly, at that particular time I really appreciated her nice gesture.

I remember a Hindi movie called ‘Chupke Chupke’ where film actor Dharmendra was making comedy  talking about English language and the way they address their uncles and aunties.

Let me clarify…

According to Dharmendra, we have different words of addressing for our father’s older brother and younger brother; different words for father’s sisters. In the same way we have different words for mother’s sisters and brothers.

Unfortunately, in English all the males are addressed as Uncles and females are addressed as Aunts.

Somehow I love this culture and the set of mannerisms we have pertaining to how we address our elders and young ones. When we address the concerned person in a certain way, the relationship with that particular person becomes very clear both to them and the people around them. I feel there is less chance of taking for granted the relationships in our culture, though it’s purely my personal opinion about it.  

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