A REVIEW ON: “Jazz Concert Etiquette”

Being an Indian talking about Manners or Etiquette really doesn’t suit me… Lol. We are the most causal people in the whole world. We remember our manners when we see a stick in our Mom’s or Dad’s hands. But I can’t help it talking about on this as I myself chose this topic for this week.

As I was reading through my WordPress Reader’s Feed I stumbled upon an article named, “Jazz Concert Etiquette.” I clicked it and read the whole article and quite liked it. I commented under it and asked the author, ‘Ioana‘ for the permission to use it. She is a very sweet lady who allowed me instantaneously.  

Thus I have using it here for you all to know & be aware of the etiquette of a Jazz Concert…    


  • Even though the concert takes place in a social setting – bars, clubs, etc – make an effort and restrain yourself from talking during performances.

  • Turn off your phone, or at least put it on vibrate. Ideally you are not supposed to answer a call during a concert, use the breaks between songs to get out and call back if it’s important.

  • Wait until a song is over before getting up to use the restroom, it’s distracting for the musicians if people keep moving around and it’s disrespectful.

  • Applaud between songs and after each improvisation solo.

  • There is no specific dress code, wear something comfortable, but still decent.

  • Don’t disturb the musicians while performing or between songs. If you know them and want to say hello, wait until the end. If you don’t know them and you want to congratulate them on their performance, approach them after the concert and express your appreciation shortly.

  • If possible, put on a friendly face – not flirty, but not angry, annoyed or disgusted. Relax, enjoy and communicate that you’re having a good time through this.

I was happy reading and learning these information and I am sure you all liked it too.

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Stay Blessed!!!