We all have dealt with depression at one point or another. For many it is a temporary issue but for others it is a lifetime of pain and sadness.

The way I have fought off depression is by helping others and immersing myself into one of my favorite things to do…reading and recently…writing. Writing for this blog has helped me deal with some real life issues and helped me put things in perspective. 

When writing or reading is not readily available, such as when I am at work, I will talk with my co workers. Each of them is going through a rough time in their lives for various reasons and many times I can see that they are depressed or sad. As soon as we get the chance, I will go up to that person, touch them gently on the shoulder or arm and ask them what is wrong. Being at work doesn’t give us much time to talk in depth but they always seem to feel better once we have spoken.

Now I am not one who has to deal with depression daily. I have bouts but as soon as I focus my attention on something or someone else it slowly drifts away like leaves on a breeze.

When you feel that sadness begin to creep in and you recognize it for what it is, acknowledge it but don’t let it consume you. Call a friend or go for a walk, work on something you love doing and yes, pray for the strength needed to get through that moment

Author’s Bio: N.Gonzalez lives in the USA, married for 27 years with two grown children. Have been working for retail grocery for last 17 years. Writing is something enjoyed in free time.


  1. I’m kind of in the same boat as yours! Switching to my areas of interest and deviating my mind from thinking about issues causing depression has really helped. That’s how I actually got into writing and I tend to ponder over and worry lesser than I used to. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Sharing personal stories or talking about self is always an difficult thing. But they relate with the readers the best… That’s what I liked about this article. And beautiful advise given for all. Thanks…


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