Once somebody asked me, if the depression demon persists/lingers even when we try all the remedies for depression regularly, then what can we do further?

That struck me hard and made me think deep. I didn’t hurry but just told her that I will definitely come up with the answer though it might not be a perfect one.

Let me made this clear today to everybody that depression, sadness, and sorrows will never leave us in our entire life time. As I remember once a friend told me that all these pains and sufferings in our life confirm that we are very much human. We have to live happily with a joyful, cheerful heart among all these around us.

Don’t think that I am disrespecting the question asked to me or escaping from the question. That’s just an introduction and I will definitely answer the question right here…

Studying through the various causes of depression I found out that I am helpless when the depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, depression arising from the side-effects of certain medication and when depression is because of the family history.

Other causes of depression can be diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer etc., difficult situations like death, divorce, family problems and financial crisis etc., negative thinking and attitudes and finally, wrong addictions and habits like, alcoholism, smoking, pornography etc.

I would also like to mention the symptoms of depression for us to aware of our own feelings and what we are going through…

Following are the signs and symptoms of depression:

1) Signs of Insomnia or sleeping problems 

2) Frequent crying spells 

3) Loss of appetite 

4) Persistent feelings of sadness or bad mood 

5) Losing enthusiasm to do anything 

6) Fatigue without any physical causes 

7) Disbelieving attitude 

8) Persistent negative views about everything 

9) Feeling lonely even among the known crowd 

The above signs and symptoms confirm that we are going through depression.

If the symptoms of depression persist for over a period of two or three months then we should immediately be ready to combat it otherwise we might impair our mental abilities and land up in a hospital.

How can we get rid of it?

We should always remember that the problems we face are all because of us only. We cannot change the outside world to live peacefully instead we need to change ourselves to live peacefully. So let’s see the 7 simple remedies as follows:

7 Remedies to Combat Depression

1.  Being in A Supportive AtmosphereThis may be the first step for a person who thinks he/she is going through depression. Sometimes we don’t feel our family to be a good support system. So it will be good for those who are feeling that way to search for close friends or a counselor who can understand you. Find somebody with whom you can talk at any point of time discussing with him or her about how we feel. Do not share just anything with anybody before knowing the person completely. That is why I would suggest instead of searching or seeking help from a stranger it is better to search or seek help within our family and friend circle whom we know for years… who can be trusted with whatever we share.

2. Contentment: This is one of the greatest characters in a human being. Contentment can take away all pains in life. Discontentment gives us pain and makes us sad. We seriously need to be content in everything in life to be happy and out of depressive conditions.

The Scripture says, “keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you’.”

3. Accept Everything: There are times we face situations we don’t like at all or things that we get which we don’t like to receive. Our expectations are sometimes are not met. And that gives us pain and suffering. But what can we do in those circumstances? Feel depressed, angry or sad? Will that help us anyway? Let’s just accept whatever comes in our way which we can’t change it anyway.

4. Service to Others: Serving others and partaking in the sufferings of others relieve us considerably. It helps us to forget our own sorrow. It diverts our attention from our suffering to others. It will help us to keep us away from being gloomy with self pity. Let’s try to look outside and see the pain and struggles in the world and let’s help others out and get rid of our states of depression.

5. Forgiving Attitude: This is a golden attitude. We always need to forgive and forget everything to live in peace and have a peace of mind. Forgiveness makes our hearts and minds to calm down and that helps us to relieve from pain. It’s not just a religious terminology but an amazing medicine prescribed by the psychologists too.

6. Involve in Pleasurable Activities: We worry about things which we don’t have control over. A survey says, more than 90% of our worries are beyond our control. So why to worry when we can’t do anything about it! Those are all unnecessary worries and we need to leave that at once to be worry free. Instead of worrying we should keep ourselves busy with the things which gives us pleasure. Working on our hobbies can be pleasurable to those of us who are going through depression. Sometimes when we go through depression these activities seem meaningless and not pleasurable. In that case we have to do it deliberately and I guarantee you that at some point we will start feeling the interest of continuing what we have started. 

7. Rely on the Greatest Strength: Some of us may say prayer is a religious thing and we don’t believe all those stuff. I don’t believe in religions and religiosities of human beings. But I do believe in a God who sustains the whole creation being the Creator God. And He can be connected to us at any time when we seek His help. Formally the process is called, ‘Prayer.’ Prayer to God who is always in control is relieving. When we pray to God He gives us enough strength to combat it. Let’s try it too.

The Scripture says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

If I look back at myself and the life I lived and living… I can say, I have every reason to be dumped in depression if we consider the causes of depression mentioned earlier. I have gone through and going through difficult life situations too. They are never ending. Even I struggle today to keep myself up above the situations and the things around me that have the strength to pull me down. But I seek His strength and try to move ahead trampling on the situations.

The remedies like, contentment, accepting everything, forgiving attitude, are always helpful to eliminate depression caused by negative attitudes, worries and less grave problems of life.

The remedies like, being with in a supportive atmosphere, serving others and working on pleasurable hobbies are very helpful in diverting our concentration or minds from the problems to something lighter and smoother in life.

And the Prayer Remedy? Yes, it gives us an self assurance that I have somebody who looks after me, who cares for me… The sense of being cared or being loved is amazing. I know it’s not easy but the Creator is in control. Just we need to remember that.

The demon of depression is not easy to handle, but not impossible to handle too. Fighting with depression is a pattern or lifestyle for the person going through it. The depression of a chronic patient will be more difficult to combat than in case of other general sufferers.

Those who suffer depression for over a period of ten years or more they may start fighting it out within a year or two by regular practices of remedies in life and therapeutic systems.

Those who are suffering for 2 or 3 years for some situational problems may take 6 months to a year to curb depression.

And those of who suffer depression for petty incidents, attitude problems, addictions etc., may throw it out within a week or a month or maximum within a year.

So we really can’t escape depression in twinkling of eyes but we need to fight it out by applying all the remedies again and again, moment by moment on a daily basis. Yeah! You guessed it right! This is the answer to the question asked to me which I had mentioned above. We need to start all over again with our remedies daily whether we needed it or not. The remedies have to be our lifestyle. Feeling content or satisfied, accepting all odds in life as normal, forgiving and smiling at the person we hate, serving older parents/people, orphans, keeping ourselves busy with edifying hobbies and at last but not the least, praying & having a relationship with the almighty have to be our lifestyle to fight depression daily. These are not just simple red, blue, black pills to be gulped and get relieved from headache.

This is not easy. This was/is never easy for me too. But this is also not impossible with God’s strength and a will power to fight back. Encouraging our own self to adopt a lifestyle as this can replace that age old depressive lifestyle forever.