Working in retail grocery, I deal with the public on a daily basis. In that kind of atmosphere conflict arises.

I had to deal with a young man one time who wanted to buy alcohol. Here in the USA the legal drinking age is 21. The young man was indeed 21 but there was a problem. About a year or more ago, a federal and state law was passed that 30 days AFTER a person’s 21st birthday, they MUST go and get their identification switched from a vertical view to a horizontal view. Anyone serving or selling alcohol to a person with the vertical view license when it should have been changed, could be fined and even loose their jobs.

I explained this all to the young man politely and clearly. He became irritated and started ranting. I told him to wait one moment please, keeping my cool. I went to speak with my manager and told him the situation. He nodded and came out to speak with the customer. The customer kept going on about how everywhere else they accepted his license and I was thinking to myself, “Then those people are idiots.” This young man was trying to start an issue and both my manager and I could see this. My manager stood firm and the young man left without his alcohol and mad as hell.

Both myself and my manager kept our cool thus avoiding a conflict. That particular customer has not returned to our store.

NEVER allow another person to dictate how you will react to a negative situation, no matter how badly you may want to.

Author’s Bio: N.Gonzalez lives in the USA, married for 27 years with two grown children. Have been working for retail grocery for last 17 years. Writing is something enjoyed in free time.