Communication and interaction are absolutely two different things altogether.

Communication is the act of conveying intended meaning to another entity through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

Interaction is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another.

The expression “an effect upon one another,” made me think about the importance of interaction. It does not merely refer to communicating or letting each other know of some intended information but also to have an effect upon one another.


My wife always tells me that I am very good with people. I can easily mix with people and start a conversation on any topic of interest.  And I have seen my wife to be very good with children. She interacts so well with them that they rarely feel like leaving her.

But sometimes we both do struggle to relate to and make ourselves part of a certain group of people or start a conversation with a particular person or child.

Throughout the week we have discussed many things on the topic of ‘Dynamics of Interactions’ from different writers and I would like to conclude with THREE words that will help us to “have an effect upon one another,” – I mean help us to interact with others.

I call them RIP in short… Lol, it’s not ‘Rest in Peace’ but something else which I have mentioned as under:

Respect: I have seen people talking rudely, sarcastically, with pride, being boastful and sometimes humiliating others. These kinds of people switch off the minds of others for themselves the next time they are seen. When we show respect to others, they feel safe with us and they know that they won’t be mistreated with our company.

So respect is something which helps us to have an effect upon one another.

Interest: Suppose you are in a group where a certain conversation is going on and you start talking something else in between, that is considered improper. Show interest in others and they will find you interesting too.

Patience: This is another aspect that helps us to keep an impact on others and people feel like interacting with you. Patience is inevitable in any kind of interaction.

RIP is not something to be maintained step by step but happens all together in different proportions during any interaction. The length of the interaction will depend on how strong the RIP system of a person involved is.

I accidentally met a person online. We started interacting. We started feeling an urge to continue the friendship. We called each other. We shared our family matters and even exchanged information about our family members with each other. And we are now partnering in our writing business together in Candles Online.

And it all happened within just 3 months of time. It happened because we both had a very good RIP system.

So check your RIP system today before getting into an interaction…

Stay Blessed!!!