Interaction happens whenever two or more people gather together.

I work in customer service. Every day I interact not only with Co workers but the general public as well. Some days are really good and others, not so much.

One incident that clearly stands out in my mind is the day my Co workers and I worked with mentally handicapped young adults. I work in a grocery store and these young people came to help bag.

I had a customer, upon seeing the young lady helping and her disability, became a bit upset. She was not comfortable with her bagging her things. I looked her in the eye and politely told her that she was welcome to go to another line.

The young lady  stuck with me that whole day because I took the time to talk to her and sorted out the groceries so they would be bagged properly.  In between customers, I spoke with her and learned that her favorite color was sky blue, she had two dogs and a baby bunny. Oh, and that her favorite food was tacos. The mentors for the group were thrilled and a bit surprised that I took the time to interact with this girl. I looked at them stunned. “Well of course I interacted with her. She came to help me!”

That was one of the best days I had ever had. When I got home my husband looked at me and smiled. “Someone had a great day.” I just grinned, kissed him hello and went to make dinner….tacos.

Author’s Bio: N.Gonzalez lives in the USA, married for 27 years with two grown children. Have been working for retail grocery for last 17 years. Writing is something enjoyed in free time.


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