The earlier article about forgiveness struck a chord too deep.. It’s was the naked truth. Forgiving but not forgetting. Forgiving is so tough when all you want to do is hold onto the anger and hurt. But it’s not the most difficult aspect as said before. And I think one of the reasons we can’t forget is because when we forgive , we forgive the person who hurt us but we are not able to forgive ourselves for being naive enough to trust that person. It is a way of us holding onto that moment in our head and playing it over and over again ,thinking of an alternate ending. Wishing it had not come to that, that we could have altered the past . That we had not given anybody that kind of power over us , to manipulate and hurt us in the worst way possible. And in the despair of our situation, we forget that we have already forgiven the person who caused us the pain and the only person suffering now is us. The only person wallowing in self pity is us. And that the only thing we alter now is our present.The whole concept of moving on from a mistake is running the entire nine yard.. to forgive and forget we need to forgive ourselves too.

The movie frozen has a very beautiful song tagged “let it go”.

So…. Let it go Indeed…… and for that we need to forgive, forgive some more , forget and move on…. In exactly that order…

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