I was just navigating through the week and reading all the articles once again before starting my “Final Views” on the topic “Cyber Sense.” 

In the Mega Article, Prabhjot, gave an excellent introduction of the topic “Cyber Sense” with few Dos & Don’ts reflecting on her personal lifestyle. She concluded with a catchy statement –

“Get some ‘real life;’ not a ‘cyber life.'”    

The very next day, I mentioned about few ways of how proper use of internet can be so helpful to voice ourselves and earn a name worldwide.  

Thaddeus, encouraged us to take time out from social media and have meaningful relationships in the real world. His catch line was –

“We’ve become the most connected disconnected society in history.”  

Ruth, warned us about all the evil practices prevailed in a cyber world.

Avinash, wrote how to draw a line wisely while using internet.

Finally, yesterday Khristina alerted us about the adverse effects of technology on our physical as well as psychological health when we constantly overuse it.

Technology advancement is good. It’s for the benefit of mankind. Mankind is the master and technology is the servant. But when the mankind allows technology to be their master and becomes its slaves, things started to go haywire.

So be careful on the cyber world.

Stay Blessed!!!


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