Everything under the sun involves some “paradox.” Whatever we see, do and the way we live – all have paradox in them. Every existing thing has both “negative and positive” sides. Similarly, ‘CYBER’ also involves PARADOX.

As a person who has lived in the “pre-Cyber age” and in the “Cyber age”, I often get to hear from the rest of the generation that, “Cyber is bad”. Of course they are right up to some extent but along with that we cannot deny the goodness of Cyber. Cyber is a milestone with regards to the development of nations and humanity.

Because of this Cyber power, India is the 7th Super power globally (Find HERE). Research says, IT and the ITES industry has been the 5th largest contributor to Indian GDP in 2015 and we all know that every profession intensely depends on Cyber power. In 2016, Cyber power has become one of the basic needs of human survival. Now-a-days, if we lose our cell phone, then before seeking someone’s help or putting it into the police diary we take the help of another cell phone to ring the lost one, so that we get to recognize where the lost phone is. Without good food, good clothes and good house we try to adjust ourselves for few days but when it comes to the matter of bad network for some hours we fail to adjust. This is shows how the Power of Cyber has been deeply rooted into the human life today.

We all know that when something good goes on evil also follows it. The same thing is also happening with the power of Cyber today. Good people are using the power of Cyber for the development of humankind and bad people are using the same power for the destruction of humankind. But as a Cyber-savvy generation what can we do now? How can we navigate Cyber and our life in the midst of Good and Evil?

I also struggle in maintaining Godliness and Purity in my life as a Cyber-savvy man. Most of the times when we try to navigate to certain official sites, unintentionally some nuisance links/sites pop up which is really an embarrassing factor. Days back when I went to my travel agent to book my train ticket we had a very embarrassing experience. As my travel agent was booking my journey ticket suddenly a pornographic content popped-up in the advertisement space, which he was unable to delete or hide.

Since our childhood we knew that, ‘iPhones’ are the most secure phones which cannot be hacked easily but as per the last news update we see that ‘iPhones’ are most easily hacked by the terrorist and freaky groups.

But I want to tell you there are also ways to maintain Godliness, Purity and Perfection while using the Cyber power.

  1. Draw A Line:

Few days back while I was struggling for the solution to cyber evil, I found an awesome answer from the lecture of my favorite Christian Apologist Rev. Dr. Ravi Zacharias. His answer to cyber evil is to “Draw A Line”, which influenced me a lot. It’s not to quit from Cyber use but to draw a line while using the Cyber power. And that’s true indeed. We cannot stop accessing to cyber but what we can do is, “we can draw a line”. When we access internet of course some bad contents will come up, some nuisance will text you for dating, some of your FB friends will tag you to adult/bad contents. But don’t worry! You have a solution – block those sites, delete those nuisance friends from your FB account. We cannot stop evil but we can protect ourselves from getting into evil ways.

In our personal and professional life, we have some ‘DO’s’ and ‘DON’T’s’. We have maintained some boundaries in our choices, life style and a lot more. We have to maintain the same attitude while using Social Media/Cyber Power. We have to say “NO” to some chats and weblinks.

  1. It’s Social Media:

Often time, we knowingly forget that we are on Social sites. My browsing/posting/chatting is not personal because I am in a Public domain where there is 101% guarantee that my contents can be misused by some freaky personality. Especially, some crazy guys post their intimate scenes with their mates in Facebook. I don’t know why and on what context they post such pictures but the most dangerous fact is that because of such nuisance sometimes our image on Social media is highly hampered. Even though we haven’t done anything wrong but someone else’s wrong deeds cuts our nose and others take us wrongly. So the best solution to such problem is un-friend those people who is knowingly posting embarrassing stuffs. Because we have learnt that “Prevention is better than Cure”.

  1. Miscommunication:

You might be thinking that why I am using the term “Miscommunication” when we are dealing with the best weapon of Communication! But I can prove you that now-a-days the best weapon of Communication – Cyber Power has become a medium of Miscommunication too. How? The dictionary interpretation of “Miscommunication” is “An interaction between two parties in which information was not communicated as desired”. And this is what happening today, even though India is the 2nd largest Facebook user globally and the facebook population in India is 142 million (@ rate of 69 million daily users). We believe that my Facebook friend is real and whatever information s/he is giving is true. But few days later we realize that, the person with whom I was in intimate chat is not the same one whom I was expecting. I was in chat with a FAKE Account holder. Yes, that’s what is happening today. Since our childhood we haven’t heard about Cyber Crime, Cyber Cell, Cyber laws etc. But today because of these sorts of fake accounts many boys/girls are abducted every day. The biggest number of crime cases fought today are CYBER CRIME cases. At the advent of every new month some new CYBER LAWS are put in place in order to prevent cyber crime.

So in the midst of this Cyber Paradox, let’s not forget one thing – “If God has given you the wisdom and knowledge to deal with cyber power, HE will also take an account from you regarding this on the Judgment Day.  

Don’t try to live by the sword (cyber evil), else that sword (cyber evil) will kill you one day…

Avinash Das


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