We live in two worlds these days; a real world and a virtual world. Real world is difficult to live in and earning a name is a matter of pain, suffering, failures, financial crisis etc., but virtual world is easy and cost effective, even free. We may or may not find people around us of everyday life in the virtual world. But the population of virtual world is very big though lesser than the population of real world. Let me clarify what I am talking about.

Internet has become a world wide phenomenon. And it has created a virtual world to connect one real person with another real person virtually. There are many famous personalities in the web world who were not at all famous in the real world. Some have become famous in the real world after becoming renowned virtually in the web world. The virtual world has given me a name too. Now many people came to know me, my activities, my articles, and my designs etc., world wide in this virtual web world.

Now the question is ‘how to become famous in this virtual world?’ Many are there who don’t know how to go about it; for them I have brought some ‘helps’ which are as follows:

1. Create a Website: Do you know that we can have our own websites free of cost? There are many webhosting companies who give web spaces free of cost. I have websites in, webs.com, wordpress.com, blogger.com, bravenet.com and there are many more webhosting companies who are providing websites to people free of cost. We can simply create a website and start posting articles, pictures, videos, blog posts etc. Who knows one day we will become so famous that I will also come to know many. We can also earn through our websites though I haven’t earned as yet through my websites.

2. Join a Social Network: There are many social networking sites which give a web space to create a profile of ourselves with our pictures in it. They also provide pages to post our feelings, emotions, information and advertisements etc. I am in many social networking sites. Those are facebook.com, care2.com, and myspace.com and so on. There are many other Social networking sites which we can find for ourselves to join and become a known face world wide.

3. Join a Writers Community: I found it the best as I am a writer. There are many writers’ communities or webzines where we can publish all our articles written by us free of cost. I am in triond.com, searchwarp.com, writerscafe.org. These writers’ communities give us a status, name and even helps us to make be famous.

4. Upload videos & pictures in Specific communities: There are sites which give us opportunity to upload our arts, designs or photographs and videos. These sites are youtube.com, flickr.com, photobucket.com and many more which we can find in the web world if we search. This is the easiest way of becoming famous as we all know pictures and videos speak to people’s mind more than the words.

Friends! So let’s be famous.



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