Let me stir up your sense of imagination with the final words for this week’s topic. Imagine a life without hands and feet. Yes, please do close your eyes and imagine looking at yourself in the mirror sans your hands and feet. What would your immediate reaction be? Shock, bewilderment, helplessness, grief, crashing dreams??

If by just visualizing our own selves without our hands and feet we feel so much despair, spare a thought about hundreds of people whose hopes are crashed because some person somewhere chose to use his / her healthy hands and feet against them! So disheartening.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1952) Albert Schweitzer chose to leave his homeland and travel to the dense African countries to spread the message of love by using his hands to treat the natives suffering of various sicknesses ranging from malaria, dysentery, fevers, sores to leprosy amidst fears of cannibalism.

Mother Teresa, another Nobel Peace Prize recipient responded to God’s calling and left her homeland to make India her home and spread the message of peace and love – picking up people from the streets and tending to them with comforting hands.

Florence Nightingale chose to use her hands to nurse the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Her exemplary dedication created a revolution in the world of nursing.

Here are people who chose to use their hands and feet to bring hope where there was despair, to bring love where there was hatred, to spread light where there was darkness. The only thing that put them at a place where they are the world’s who’s who today is that they chose right over wrong.

This calls for a self-check. Whose life have you touched with your hands and feet?

Imagining ourselves without hands and feet is so difficult. But Nick Vujicic born without hands and feet travels across the globe spreading the message of love, compassion and hope. ‘Born without limbs & without limits!’ – reads his tag line. One of the ways he reaches out to the wounded hearts is by giving them warm hugs (yes, you read it right…hugging without arms!!)

As we go along life’s journey, let’s choose to touch the lives of others with our God-gifted hands and feet. And today, if you are rendering yourself incapacitated owing to absence or loss of limbs, remember you can still make a huge difference to many around.


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