All this week through we have emphasized upon the fact that human heart can be awfully deceitful. It can not only be full of self-deceit, but can also be brimming with ideas to ensnare others. While we need to accept this undisputed truth, we also need to acknowledge that we can choose not to allow ourselves to wallow in this fallen state forever. So, then what do we do about it?

Let’s take for example a young lady who has a cupboard full of worn out tattered clothes. She knows the place where she needs to go and buy new clothes for herself so as to replace her old wardrobe. She also has the required money with her. But, she is so much attached to her old clothes that she just cannot go and buy new ones. After prolonging way too much and realizing that she is being looked at with raised eyebrows, she eventually buys new attires for herself. However, she still continues to dress herself in the worn-out clothes. Now, who can help her?

She alone can help herself! She has to decide to replace her old wardrobe with the new one.

We are so much habituated to hearts filled with self-centeredness, hatred, anger, jealousy, pride, malice, self-righteousness and fame in ourselves and in others, that we do not feel the need for a cleansing of our hearts. And, if our hearts do get cleansed we are still hesitant to replace the old with the new.

Replace hatred with LOVE

Replace injustice with JUSTICE

Replace strife with PEACE

Replace self-centeredness with SELFLESSNESS

Replace jealousy with CONCERN


Replace suspicion with TRUST

Replace sadness with JOY

Remove the tattered garments from your heart and enrobe your heart with new raiments. Spread the fragrance of newness all around you and let people wonder how your heart has changed!!


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