They were eight youths in all. Five of them were known to the family. So, they could gain easy access into the house. First three of them rang the doorbell of their friend’s house. His unsuspecting wife welcomed them in. They sat chatting over cups of tea as they waited for her husband to reach home from work. On arrival, he was a bit surprised though not alarmed, to see them. As he joined his friends, his wife went in to prepare snacks for the group. Then the doorbell rang again. This time two more friends joined them. Within minutes the five overpowered the man and strangulated him. Next, they stabbed his wife to death in the kitchen. They were not done with it. They then smothered the couple’s two children in the other room. Within hours, a family was wiped away. And, mind you it was not an act done in the heat of the moment. It was a well-schemed act. While the five were executing their plan of action, three others kept a watch outside the building.

This is a true incident that is just a few months old. There are many such devastations that happen each minute on the face of the earth. Most of them are pre-planned and well devised acts aimed to cause harm to others.

God Almighty gifted human beings with a pure heart and created them in His own image. Above all, He has put eternity in our hearts. Instead of having the quest for eternal happiness and riches, we often choose to fill our hearts with hatred, anger, jealousy, pride and malice. Consequently, our hearts begin to nurture these seeds and reap the fruits of destruction. A deceitful heart is first deceitful to self and then to others around.

A heart that is true to self will hold others in esteem and not plot evil against others. It’s a wise heart that meditates on the precepts of truth, peace and love and sows the seeds of harmony and goodness all around.


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