(Featured Picture SourceThe Two Angles)

There was once a pretty girl of 13 years of age. She was sweet, innocent and quite sincere. She had a huge crush on a guy next door. She would never ever get tired of watching him play and do other activities that he did in his backyard. O what fun it was to look for a reason to talk to him. To somehow make some excuse to visit his place. To notice how much he notices her in gatherings. To even dress up in the best possible way when there is even slightest chance of an encounter with him.

He had no clue about her feelings. Or maybe he had some clue but he chose to ignore these little hints that she kept dropping. With this attitude, she grew more and more attracted to him.

He studied in a different school than her but they had the same school bus which he used only sometimes. His mom would drop him in car to school most days. Once this crazy girl went to his car park at midnight and actually punctured one of the tyres of the car just to ensure that she gets to meet him in the bus the next day.

This continued for years and finally when they both got their Class 12 results and were ready to go to different colleges in different cities, she decided to tell him her feelings. She picked up the phone on a Valentine ’s Day and asked him “Would you be my Valentine?” He didn’t reply and hung up on her. 20 days later, she asked him again and this time he told her “No, we are not meant to be”. Her world shattered.

Can you guess who that girl is? Well, that’s me. Today I am married to one of the best guys in my life – no, it is not the same guy. Today I am a mother of 1 year old. And now when I look back to this story – I believe that I was in love with that feeling of being in love. I hardly knew him. For all those years, it did not even matter to me whether he liked me or not. I never made an attempt to know him or understand him. I am quite sure that it wasn’t a love for him but a love for that feeling of being in love. Often I end up thinking – what would have happened if he really said a Yes. Probably a few days of elation and then a terrible heartbreak!

For me, that was a very special Valentine’s day when I had no clue about what love is or what being a Valentine meant. But I had to propose to him that very day because it was meant to be done on 14th Feb. Really? I wonder now.  I guess that’s the case with every teenager today.