It was a few days before Valentine’s Day that I was asked a very pertinent question, “What special plans do you have for Valentine’s day?”, which was followed by several other similar questions by a host of friends and friends of friends. I smiled and replied, “The fact is, I am not interested in these things. Thank you.” This must have instigated people to think about the possibility of my answer as nowadays celebrating Valentine’s Day publicly with pomp and splendour has become an on-going trend. With the advent of digital media we get a glimpse of or rather we are allowed to have a look into the personal lives of our known people and acquaintances.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day pompously to keep up with the trend also requires a person to have a partner without whom one would be termed as ‘uncool’ among friends and peers. This so called trend of having a ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ just because all of your peers have one and the need to be counted among ‘the cool gang’ only exhibits the superficiality of modern relationships. Doing special things for your partner is not wrong but showcasing them on the media especially during Valentine’s Day tones down the value of a relationship.

Most of us claim to be in love and therefore come into relationships but the fact is, being in a relationship just because you need to be in one assures that one is just love with the idea of being in love and not with the person concerned. Hence, most relationships fail. If one is in love with the person in spite of the admixture of flaws and perfection, one would value the relationship and the person more than the mere demeanour of you as a couple.

Moreover, being lovey-dovey only on Valentine’s Day does not change the purpose of your coming into a relationship. A successful relationship is not about how you behave with your partner on Valentine’s Day but how you both get along and understand each other 365 days of the year. One needs to ponder over the five dominant pillars of a relationship – love, trust, understanding, respect and commitment. If a crack appears in any of these, a relationship would be on the verge of breaking up.

Therefore nurture and value your relationship instead of exhibiting it because, “life is more than money and things, it’s about spending life together and serving each other with God at the centre”.