Valentine’s Day for a person who is single is such a nightmare. Every coffee shop or restaurants or even book shops as decorated with little fluttery hearts and everything as far as your eye can see is decorated in red. I for instance have never celebrated Valentines Day. Well, I have always been single… so that’s a moot point isn’t it. But I have had lots of fun moments with friends and family during this day or week.

During my college days we were not allowed to go anywhere outside the girls hostel compound because ours was a very strict college. No boys and girls are allowed to meet on the day. So all my single and committed friends were kind of forced to spend their Valentine’s Day with each other and one such Valentine’s day during our second year we just lazed around the hostel together. We took crazy pictures had lots of ice cream…, shared quirky stories of our lives and ended the day with a dance party in our hostel rooms…

It was not like we did anything memorable. It’s just that the day was spent so simply in the company of friends that it became one of my most fond memories of my college days.

So who says, its a day only couples can celebrate? All my Valentine’s Day over the year has been spent with my family and friends. And I have had a gala time with them. I think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate true love… For me those happen to be my family and friends. If your family or friends happens to be your true love too… Then celebrate the day with them, I guarantee you… You will have fun like never before.