Oh, its Valentines Day! Hi… Hello… Happy Valentines Day!!! ❤

Something caught my eyes last week as young guys and girls started posting pictures and love notes on FB etc. in the pre-Valentine week. I was really amazed to find out the following in HERE:

These are the Seven days before Valentine Day.

7th Feb…….. “ROSE DAY”
8th Feb…….. “Propose day”
9th Feb…….. “Chocolate Day”
10th Feb…… “Teddy Day”
11th Feb…… “Promise Day”
12th Feb……. “Kiss Day”
13th Feb…….. “Hug Day”
14th Feb…….. “VALENTINES DAY”

********Happy Valentine Day*******

Now Seven Days After the Valentine Day

15th Feb…… Slap Day
16th Feb…… Gift Return Day
17th Feb…… Kick Day
18th Feb…… Fight Day
19th Feb…… Trying to Patch up Day
20th Feb…… Break up Day
21th Feb…… Search for a New One

***********The End****************

I laughed a bit seeing this and then again became very thoughtful and sad about the young people.

This is not just a list but these days are being celebrated by the young people religiously like all other observances. And its really spreading vastly in our country, India. And then there are some other moral police in our country who are dead against all these events.

I am not against Valentine’s day at all. It gives us a reason to renew our love life, marriage life and relationships. But a question popped up in my mind as soon as I saw this, “Can love be valued or weighed with materialistic stuffs?” And if that’s the basis of love then the end result will be surely ‘Slap Day,’ ‘Gift Return Day’ till the point of searching a new love somewhere else. “Is love such a lowly attribute that we try to express through a Rose or Teddy or Chocolates and so on?”

The scripture says, “Now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” This was mentioned after explaining various attributes gifted to the believers of God by Himself.

So when “LOVE” is the greatest of all the gifts granted to us by God then how can we use or value it with such cheap means!!!

Think about it… Don’t hurry to express yourself.

Do you know, “Love never fails…?” Then how could there be “BREAK UP DAY” and then searching for new love?

You might ask, “How then relationship fails?” I probably may not answer that accurately because there are some difficult situations which are very grave and serious. But I can guarantee and trust on the fact that, “Love never fails…”

Why? Because…

❤ “Love is patient” – Ask a mother what is patience, she will explain what is it really mean to wait in patience.

❤ “Love is kind” – Look at Mother Teresa who expressed her love to her fellow human being in her compassion and kindness.

❤ “Love does not envy” – Envy kills the love in us and when we love we kill envy within us.

❤ “Love does not boast & is not proud” – Can the parents be proud of themselves before the children or they are proud of their children? Think about it.

“Love does not dishonor others” – When we love somebody we don’t insult and dishonour that person at any cost.

❤ “Love is not self-seeking” – Love always makes us to think about others. It’s not selfish at all.

❤ “Love is not easily angered” – We get angry when an outsider talk against us. We don’t get angry easily when it comes to our loved ones… Don’t be happy, we get angry  with our loved ones also… why? Our love is put to test here within our families and friends too.

❤ “Love keeps no record of wrongs” – Love compels us to forgive and forget.

❤ “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” – Love is pure and when a boy and girl love each other truly then they don’t indulge in premarital sex to hurt each other but store it for the best. Ponder on it…  

❤ “Love always protects” – Can we harm and hurt a person whom we love truly?

❤ “Love always trusts” – There’s no doubts when love exists.

❤ “Love always hopes” – Love hopes to restore even when the relationship is breaking away…

❤ “Love always perseveres” – Now deal with it… If love always perseveres then why are you so unstable and shaken for facing little problems in your relationship.  

Do you think this kind of ‘Love’ can be expressed only in Valentines Day or in the Valentines Week or Month? Is it not something much more greater and higher than what we are perceiving today? 

Keep reading and keep getting inspired throughout this week, yes… Valentine’s Day Week!

❤ Stay Blessed!!!