A deep marriage relationship is impossible without “CLEAVING”. Many marriage break downs were due to lack of cleaving between the spouses. But what does this word cleaving means? How do we cleave to our spouse? What is the process of cleaving? Let’s see.

The literal meaning of ‘cleave’ is ‘stick to like glue’ as the dictionary describes. In the Bible there is a Hebrew word for cleave is DABAQ. This word DABAQ has been used to define ‘holding tight in love’, ‘remaining loyal in adverse situations’, ‘remaining faithful & being committed to each other always’.

Thus, cleaving means –

– Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bonding or sticking together in love, care & understanding

– Standing tight to each other when facing financial, familial, educational, or any other problems

– Being faithful & committed to each other even if there are temptations in front of us, rumours against spouses, conspiracy etc.

– Making every decisions together in one mind, in one accord

Today’s marital relationships lack ‘cleaving’ for which there are so many divorces, separations and marital break-ups. Cleaving (love, loyalty & commitment) does not depend on anybody’s feelings but that’s the basis of a marriage relationship.

Though I knew about CLEAVING before but learning about it afresh and renewing my mind & my emotions towards my spouse while sitting beside her was something different, special, interesting and exciting. We both were reminded about the basis of our marriage which was really very important though we were committed to each other till now.

This was a great learning for me and my wife, so thought of sharing it with you all.

Stay Blessed!

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