I believe friendship is just like a coin which has two sides. One is “LOVE” & the other side is “HOLINESS.” Love & Holiness are intrinsic of all relationships. None of our relationships can grow, if we are lacking any one of the two in our relationships.

In this 21st century when we think friendship is never possible between the persons of opposite sex then we need to know that we have narrowed our mindset and have reversed it for the sake of materialistic pleasure.

Today 90% of friendships between the persons of opposite sex are ending up with sex on bed. The consequences of this narrow mindset are many broken relationships and corrupted societies.

Even today it has become very difficult for persons of opposite sex to work together as employees at their marketplaces. Often our parents doubt when we make friendships with the persons of opposite sex. It has become harder and harder to find a good & pure friendship between two persons of opposite sex though there are still some beautiful friendships are seen.

We lack pure friendships between the persons of opposite sex. I will give an example from my life where my friendship with a girl also went elsewhere which I didn’t intend to.

I have a closest of friends who is a girl for last two years. As our friendship started & days passed by, intimacy between us became strong; we started sharing ideas, suggestions, personal matters and a lot more.  Being friends with same belief and faith we also became prayer partners. But one evening as we were on an intimate talk over the phone my friend (she) asked me a very sensitive question, “Do you love me?” And I answered her, yes I do but not like a lover but as a friend. I love you because you are a true friend of mine, which is well described in Greek term as “Philia.” She understood me and we are still very good friends up till now.”

Friendship never means hanky-panky & just hangouts. It is a strong inclination between two people irrespective of sex, status & soundarya (beauty) and the foundation of which is LOVE & HOLINESS.

Can we say? “I have been blessed to have you as a friend!”

God bless you. Stay in touch.

Avinash Das