Social networking has made it possible for people in every corner of the world to connect to each other. Mere strangers get added to one’s life as ‘friends’. Unfortunately, this virtual world of friendship has robbed the true meaning from the word ‘friends’. Catching up with buddies every weekend over steaming cups of tea and coffee or platefuls of mouth-watering pani puris, seems to have become a long-term plan that one needs to carefully plan for. Now with professional goals taking the centre-stage in life, friendships are better nourished in the virtual world than in reality.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in forging friends across the globe without meeting them. But, the problem arises when virtual friendships threaten to replace real friends. Research studies have shown that people with bigger list of friends over social networking sites, more often than not have weaker family bonding, suffer from a sense of low self-esteem and harbor feelings of inferiority about themselves.

Strong face-to-face ties with a few real friends ensure emotional stability, strong familial ties and increased work performance. A friend who stands by at the time of adversity and rejoicing is a friend worth having by one’s side.

Cherish the world of real friends!