Tell us about yourself” is one of the most common questions asked to an interviewee by an interview panel. Pat goes the well-prepared answer describing oneself, one’s strengths and weaknesses, educational qualifications, likes and dislikes and so on. The answer presented in a formal interview is one that would appeal to the interviewer panel. But when we ask ourselves the question ‘Who am I,’ how many of us find the answer appealing?

Pages and pages of credentials in the CV, the accolades earned from friends and family and the upward climb in the professional ladder may at times be just a facade that we have so successfully portrayed before the world that our real identity remains yet undiscovered.

Every individual’s identity is a combination of the following basic identities: identity by birth, gender identity, identity owing to marital status, religious identity, identity due to one’s achievements and professional identity. These identities pretty much define who we are with respect to the societal standards. Professional identity is significant in adulthood since it fulfills an individual’s need for recognition.

This cumulative identity declares before the world who each individual is. But, we are more than merely a sum total of our individual identities. We are spiritual beings encased in our earthly bodies. Whereas everyone does a lot to formulate their earthly identity, most people are unaware of their spiritual identity. Let me make it clear. Spiritual identity is not the same as religious identity. Religious identity has to do with identifying oneself as belonging to a particular religion based on societal standards. However, spiritual identity refers to one’s relationship with the Creator. It is this spiritual identity that defines our real selves.

Are you aware of your true identity?