Each person is unique in his or her own way. Even though everyone lives together in a society one would react differently from another in a number of situations. It has been evident that the provisions of similar physical environments have also resulted in different individual patterns. This is what we call Individuality. “The outstanding characteristic of Man is his Individuality”, thus emphasised by American psychologist Gordon Allport. The realisation of this individuality can be referred to as having a self-identity.

Basically, a person who has a self-identity is aware of his or her purpose in life, can justify own existence and act according to situations keeping in mind his or her ideals. He or she is said to be consistent and therefore maintains own equilibrium in matters of importance.

I would just like to emphasise on the characteristics of individuals with a healthy self-concept and identity:

  1. They are able and willing to take up responsibilities appropriate to their age.

  2. They participate with pleasure in experiences belonging to each successive age-level.

  3. They willingly accept responsibilities pertaining to their roles in life.

  4. They enjoy confronting and eliminating obstacles to happiness.

  5. They make decisions with a minimum of worry and conflict.

  6. They abide by a choice they make until convinced it is a wrong choice.

  7. They get satisfaction from real rather than imaginary accomplishments.

  8. They learn from defeats instead of finding excuses for them.

  9. They do not magnify successes or apply them to unrelated areas.

  10. They know their work and leisure timings.

  11. They can say ‘no’ to situations harmful to their best interests and ‘yes’ to situations that will aid them.

  12. They can endure pain and emotional frustration when necessary, while showing affection appropriate in kind and amount.

  13. Most importantly, they accept the fact that life is an endless struggle.