On the final note I always feel to end up with little spiritual insights as far as my knowledge is concerned. 

We all know we can’t make things happen by ourselves. Sometimes we fail even if we take a right decision.

That’s the reason it is necessary for all of us to depend on God and submit the decision in His mighty hands.

June Hunt, talks about 7 Tests of Decision Making from which I chose 5 to mention here for all you to know and understand. Those are as follows:

Spiritual Test: Am I being people pressured or spirit led?

A call from God is always the best behind taking a decision instead of the pressures of people. The test is when we are sure that its a divine call to take a decision then we should move ahead at once. But in case we feel that we are pressurized to take a decision while our conscience talks against it then we should stop it right there.

Secrecy Test: Would it bother me if everyone knew this was my choice?

Deciding to do something illegal will always trouble me if others know about it. I would always like to hide it from all others. Let’s not take a decision of that sort which might difficult for us to reveal it.

Survey Test: What if everyone followed my example?

I would love to take a decision if I would be followed by many seeing the decision I took. Why can’t we set examples for others to follow by our decisions?

Stumbling Test: Could this cause another person to stumble?

Certain decisions are regrettable when people stumble because of our decisions. We should always be careful of the decisions taken by us which might be an obstacle for somebody.

Serenity Test: Have I prayed and received peace about this decision?

Are we at peace after taking a decision? Then take it again and again… Assessing the out come of a decision is always better before its too late.

Dear friends, I really liked these tests while taking a decision. Ask yourself these questions before taking a decision then proceed prayerfully.

Stay Blessed!!!